September 2006 Archives

Celebrating and Remembering a Man's Life



[Scott Seawell was one of my best friends.  He died on October 1, 2005 after a

bout with Leukemia.]

Today is the day that I've decided to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of

Scott Seawell.  It's a day short of a year since Scott's passing...I can't

believe it's been a year -- it seems like it was just yesterday.  And, yet it

seems so long ago.

Okay, *your* life is busy.  The kids are crying, the dog is nipping at your

rear, and your email inbox is overflowing with those really important

messages...I will take a moment to reflect on the life of a

man/brother/son/friend who was once among the best of my friends.

If nothing else, Scott brought together people.  So, in memory, I use this

moment to reach out to friends that I haven't spoken to in years, to follow up

with all of the people I owe an email, and connect with some people I've met

only once or twice through Scott.  Send me an email, let us catch up...

Tonight, I will hoist a glass and drink a Leinie in fond memory of the times

spent and friends made with Mr. Seawell.  Here's to you, Scott.