February 2007 Archives

Just Do It.



I don't know if Nike still uses this slogan.   But in my youth, this was quite the inspiration.  Whether it applied to getting up to do that bike ride at 6AM, pulling an all-nighter studying for an exam, or approaching that really hot woman at the bar, it all seemed apropos.  For so many occassions.

And, today, I think it stil works.

For all you local merchants out there that have not started enhancing your MerchantCircle web page -- Just Do It.  Write a blog entry, create a coupon, send a newsletter.  Or just upload some photos.  Don't be timid.  A little work, a small amount of writing -- it's all good. Even if it's bad writing, it still helps.   It brings you customers. Don't worry -- it's good *enough*.

For those of you who need the boot camp version of "Just Do It," read this.